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April 2013

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ILYEYUV (I Love You Even Your A Vampire)


"Minho hyung~ Will you be forever with me?"

"Of course, my Taeminnie.. I promise that."

Its already 20 years passed after you promised me.

But where are you now?

I've spend my 20 years just to wait for you.

To feel your warmth

To feel your comfort

To feel your kisses


To feel your love

But here I am now, wondering when will you come back to me again

Just catch a glimpse on your existence

Knowing that it was just a dream

A dream that you'll be forever with me


I just want to forget everything

Everything about you

After what have you done to me

But in my heart,mind and soul

They telling me that I shouldn't forget you

You know why?

Because I loved you too much to let you go....

Moving on is not what I'm doing right now

My heart tells me to just wait for you..

But how long will it be?

"Taeminnie~ I'm sorry but I can't be with you forever"

"Why Minho hyung? Why are you telling this to me? You promised!"

"I'm sorry, so sorry. If I could turn back the time before anything bad happens to me, I know I'll be forever with you like I promised."


"Soon you will realize what they've done to me Taeminnie~ Soon you'll figured it out by yourself. By now, I can't tell you.."

"Wait- I-"

"Goodbye Taeminnie~"

You didn't even give me a chance to tell you my true feelings

The way you make me smile

The way you always be here with me

The way you make my heart flutters on your every compliment

The way you make my heart beat so fast

 Did you even realize it?

Do you even realized what you've done to me?

To make me fall for you?


The windows and bloody curtains gushing from the wind.

Rich people wearing there glorious, expensive gowns and white tuxedos were soaked on the bloody red color.

Decent people lying on the tile-marbled floor drowning on their own blood.

The bite can be seen on there neck, eyes wide opened, lips apart.

And your standing infront of the thousand killed people.

Your chocolate orbs were now glistening with red

Your tan skin were now so pale

And your lips...

Showing the long teeth you used to bite and suck there blood.

Was it really you?

You were slowly approaching me but I didn't give a damn to flinch and be scared

"Are you scared?"


"This is what I am now, My Taeminnie~"

"I know."

"Do you still like me?"


I saw the sadness in your eyes like you were really expecting that answer.
But Minho hyung your wrong...

"I still love you"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, After those years.. I can never live without you."

"And I still love you too, Taeminnie."


"Are you sure you still want me even though I'm- you know"

"I don't really care."

"You know I can kill and suck out off your blood anytime right?"

"Like I said before, I really don't care."

"Your still so dumb, My Taeminnie~"

"And I'll be forever be dumb to fall in love with you."

" I love you too, Taeminnie~"

Watching the full moon with you can never express my happiness wherever I'm with you.

After those 2o years of waiting is worth it

Now I know you'll never leave me again

Because I love you and you love me

Being with an immortal doesn't really matter to me

Loving each other is that really matters here in our perfect story

You know why?



Even though,
    your a VAMPIRE ........


Hahaha, I finally updated! But only it was 2min :( Actually, I have post this on my Asianfanfics and I wanted to share it with you guys, Sorry for the bad english XD I guess I'll try a bit harder to make my grammar perfect again X(

Hope you guys love this fic.. I don't even know if it is a drabble or not?
Posting for YunJae next week :))

See ya guys!